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Progress Status All northeastern states have emissions reduction targets... See what progress has been made towards these goals
Emissions Trends 12 % Less greenhouse gas emissions were emitted
in the Northeast in 2010 than 2000...
See what factors—such as cleaner fuels and policy changes—are lowering emissions levels
Sector Spotlights 82 % of GHG emissions in the region
come from buildings and transportation...
Learn about CO2 sources and sinks in the Northeast
Policy Successes $183 Billion of increased economic growth would result if all
New England states fully invested in energy efficiency
See how clean energy policies are already reducing emissions in the northeast region
Looking Forward 2020 We need to redouble our efforts to achieve 2020 climate commitments Which innovative policies will build on our progress?
Appendix & State Profiles Additional
Landfill methane, renewable energy development, and RGGI