Acadia Center is a non-profit organization that researches and advocates innovative policies that tackle environmental challenges while promoting sustainable economies.

Acadia Center crafts cutting-edge policies based on in-depth economics research and complex data analyses, and our skilled advocates put policy solutions into action. The organization promotes close collaboration with stakeholders, government, businesses, and consumer and environmental groups to ensure that policies are effective and sound. ClimateVision 2020 reflects Acadia Center's efforts to provide important and accessible information on climate, energy, transportation and forest carbon.

ClimateVision 2020 was produced by a team of Acadia Center’s talented analysts and advocates, through Acadia Climate and Energy Analysis (Acadia-CLEAN) Center. For more information see Acadia Center's Staff Bios.
Principal Authors: Christina Dietrich, Ellen Hawes, Jamie Howland, Varun Kumar
Contributing Authors: William E. Dornbos, Leslie Malone, Peter Shattuck
Copy Editor: Emily Avery-Miller
President: Daniel L. Sosland 

ClimateVision 2020 is the most recent of Acadia Center's reports on how states can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Others include Climate Change Roadmap for New England and Eastern Canada, Climate Change Roadmap for Connecticut and Protecting Our Biosphere.

Acadia Center wishes to thank the John Merck Fund for its generous support of this project. 

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